Payments and our Bank Charges

Posted in Taylors Dairies News by Steven Taylor on 14th August 2017.

Payments and our Bank Charges

You may have recently read in the local press that NatWest, the bank to whom Taylors Dairies has given its custom for over 40 years, has decided to increase its bank charges by 500%.  This has left me no alternative but to take my business elsewhere to Lloyds Bank. 

If you pay your bill by cash then please continue to do so as there is no difference to this. 

If you pay by cheque you might consider using the more efficient and free Faster Payment system whereby you pay through your own bank and transfer it over to our bank. Receiving payments this way is a free service whereas each cheque we will be charged 0.40p to process.   However, if you would prefer to continue paying by cheque then please do so. 

In the meantime we will keep our old account open with the NatWest while we go through this transitional period until the end of this year. 

Our new bank details are: 

SORT CODE 30-15-53 


Many thanks for your continued custom which is very much appreciated. 


Yours faithfully 


Anthony Taylor

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